Full Body Hoists

A full body hoist is a mechanical device that is used to transfer individuals from one place or position to another.

Injuries (particularly back injuries) are common if manual lifting and handling of an individual is attempted due to large strains placed on the body during this.

The provision of a hoist significantly reduces the chances of relatives and carers sustaining injuries whilst moving an individual and improves the quality of life of the individual.

People who are not sufficiently trained or experienced in using a hoist may complain the hoists are time consuming to use.  This is not true, with the correct training and experience, using a hoist is a faster and safer method of transferring any individual.  

There are many different types of full body hoists. The type of full body hoist required is dependent on numerous factors. For example, the ability of the individual to be hoisted, the weight of the individual to be hoisted, the environment in which the hoisting is to take place all need to be taken into account.

The following full body hoists are types that are assessed and provided throughout Angus and may vary depending on your needs and your home environment.

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