To support the delivery of care in different ways, it’s important that everyone involved with manual handling are competent and confident in their role.  The Scottish Manual Handling Passport (SMHPS) is the recognised framework for Manual Handling and all Services operating in Angus must ensure compliance with this and adherence to the training standards.

Manual handling training can be covered by e-learning  in terms of the theoretical learning but there must also be the opportunity for practical training. Its very important that anyone undertaking people manual handling has received the right training before they are asked to care for someone. The Scottish Manual Handling Passport modules that can be covered by e-learning include:

Module ARequirements of the legislationE-Learning/ Theory
Module BInanimate Load HandlingE-Learning/ Theory

Practical courses provide a great opportunity to meet people and share your experiences and stories. They may also allow you to have conversations exploring the importance of ‘why manual handling matters’ and ‘what difference it can make’ in your life, role and community. The courses should allow safe and efficient ways to work and move your body to be demonstrated, while enabling you to practise all the techniques and equipment in safe, fun space. The Scottish Manual Handling Passport modules that should be covered by practical sessions include:

Module CChair Moves which includes sit to stand, walking and the use of wheelchairsPractical
Module DBed Moves which includes divan beds, hospital beds, changing tables or plinthsPractical
Module EThe use of hoists which includes stand aid (active), full body (passive) and tracking hoistsPractical
Module GHandling babies and young children under 8Practical

It is hoped that this page of the Angus Health and Social Care Partnership Manual Handling website will be an opportunity to share information about manual handling training that may be available and how courses can be booked. Angus Council  People and Organisational Development can deliver training, at a cost, and where capacity allows, to external providers. The training can also be delivered out with Angus Council premises. Attending such training would allow attendees access to e-learning modules and training materials as well as practical training sessions. Please contact the People and Organisational Team if you would like any more information by emailing:

It is also hoped that the information available on the Angus Health & Social Care Partnership Manual Handling website supports people in relation to manual handling including unpaid carers, carers and professionals.

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