Risk Assessment

Why Risk Assessment Matters?

A Risk Assessment is the process by which hazards are identified in the workplace and estimations are made about the risk that those hazards carry to the health and safety of people present.

If an individual’s health changes and they require manual handling equipment to support them, a ‘client specific’  risk assessment is required to be carried out by either an Occupational Therapist, District Nurse or another identified person within a service.     

A client risk assessment has three parts to it and establishes a picture of the individual’s needs when using the equipment and requirements of what carers are required to do to keep everyone safe. This could include care providers as well as family/ friends who may be providing care and support.

Risk Assessment Form

  1. Client Risk Assessment
  2. Risk Management and Manual Handling Plan
  3. Client Manual Handling Plan

Everyone should read the risk assessment before carrying out any manual handling tasks, as this will alleviate the risk of injury and enable staff to record any changes.

Please remember risk assessments must be suitable and sufficient and need to demonstrate the following:

  • a proper check was made
  • you asked who might be affected
  • you dealt with the obvious significant hazards
  • the precautions are reasonable and the remaining risk is low

Click here to learn more on Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992

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