Liko Viking Hoist – Various Sizes

The Liko Viking Hoist range are full body hoists, which are suitable for clients who are unable to support themselves by standing. The Viking Hoists have different lifting capacities which allow it to be used with a range of people of differing size, weight and shape.


Do’s and Don’ts

Inspect hoist before use for LOLER examination sticker and ensure the examination sticker is in date
Ensure the equipment works and is free from observable defects before starting
Read the handling plan and ensure it is current and relevant
Prior to raising, check the sling is positioned correctly and double check the sling attachments
Ensure safety and comfort of the person at all times
If lifting person from the floor, ensure brake is applied until person is secured in the sling and slightly lifted from the floor
Ensure brakes are not applied when lift is in progress
Apply brakes when hoist is not in use
Ensure battery is charged and changed regularly
Do not apply brakes when lift is in progress
Do not leave people unattended in the hoist
Do not transfer people in the hoist from one room to another
Do not hold on to hoist when lifting or lowering
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