Invacare slings

Invacare have a range of slings which provide a safe and comfortable transfer solution when they are used with either a mobile hoist or a ceiling track system.

A range of different client slings are available, in a wide variety of sizes which people will be measured for at the initial assessment.

Once a sling has been identified to support the person’s needs this will enable a secure, safe, comfortable and dignified transfer as well as achieving safe and efficient working environment for the carer.  All  the slings feature a green label on the back with detailed illustrations on how to position the sling according to the spine of the patient. This is intended to help caregivers position the sling correctly.

All slings should be checked prior to use and if there is any visible damage or changes then please contact the relevant person.


Do’s and Don’ts

Check that the sling has been inspected in the last six months and the comfort label is visible
Check sling is in good condition and there are no rips or tears
Ensure the sling is compatible with the piece of equipment
Follow the instructions in the handling place and ensure it is current and relevant
Follow instruction for laundering
Do not use if not the correct size
If sling is not compatible with equipment
Appears damaged or material is frayed
Do not use fabric softener when laundering slings
The manual handling plan is not up to date or available
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