Invacare Birdie Hoist and Invacare Birdie Compact

The Invacare Birdie hoist is a simple to operate full body hoist, which is suitable for clients who are unable to support themselves by standing. There are different sizes of Invacare Birdie hoists which are also designed to be easily assembled and unassembled.  The Invacare Birdie will always be delivered and assembled and should be left fully assembled for use.

It is operated via a hand held control which enables routines to be carried out without any manual lifting. The Invacare Birdie Hoists have a 360 degree range of motion and a great range of motion ensuring optimal comfort and ease of positioning of the client during transfers.

The Invacare Birdie is the smaller version of the Invacare Birdie and offers the ability to work in confined places.

It incorporates all of the main features of the Invacare Birdie Hoist.


Do’s and Don’ts

Inspect equipment before use
Check to make sure the equipment has a valid LOLER examination sticker
Ensure the equipment works and is free from observable defects before starting
Read the handling plan and ensure it is current and relevant
Prior to raising, check the sling is positioned correctly and double check the sling attachments
Ensure safety and comfort of the person at all times
Ensure the brakes are not applied when lift is in progress
Apply brakes when hoist is not in use
Ensure battery is charged and changed regularly
Do not apply brakes when lift is in progress
Do not leave people unattended in the hoist
Do not transfer people in the hoist from one room to another
Do not hold on to hoist when lifting or lowering
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