Glide Sheet Techniques for Moving an Individual in Bed

When having to move or position an individual in bed the safest option is to use two glide sheets together.

This creates a gentler and more controlled movement through using small moves and can alleviate friction to the skin and distress to the individual.

It also minimises the risk of injury to staff using the techniques as they can place themselves in safer positions.

Ensuring that the individual feels safe and that using the glide sheets is smooth, always plan the technique in advance and have all the correct and safe working equipment.


Do’s and Don’ts

Ensure glide sheets are in good working order
Use two glide sheets when carrying out the following techniques
Please read risk assessment before using the glide sheets
Please check the glide sheets are the correct width and length before carrying out this technique
Launder the glide sheets using only washing powder
If glide sheets appear damaged do not use
Using one glide for this technique can lead to skin friction, distress to the individual and injury to staff
Leave any individual alone on glide sheets as there is a risk they will slide off the bed
Leave glide sheets underneath the individual, remove after the technique is finished
Laundering glide sheets with fabric softener can impact on glide effect
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