Chair Techniques Using One or Two Carers

Support from a seated position to stand with support of one or two carers

One Carer : Standing from a chair using (Palm on shoulder guidance)

  • Follow instructions from the guidance notes if required
  • This technique can be done with one or two carers (please risk assess)
  • Always ask the person if they are happy for you to place your hands on them
  • Position yourself at the side and in a comfortable position
  • Lower yourself down and gently place the palm of your hand on their shoulder
  • Remember to go in the same direction as the person who is to stand
  • You can use verbal guidance at this point such as “stand” “123”or ask what instructions are familiar to the person


Do’s and Don’ts

Encourage the individual to be independent with moving into position to stand
Ensure you stand at the side of the individual this will keep their standing space clear
Ask the individual if they are happy for your palm being on their shoulder
Encourage the individual to stand using prompts e.g. “stand”
Do not place your palm on the individual without firstly asking
Do not physically move the individual into position
Do not grab or pull the individuals clothing to support them to stand
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