Rotary Turntable for the car, chair and bed

This soft padded rotary cushion is ideal for use on a car seat, chairs and beds. It allows a smooth and easy swivel transfer without painful jarring or twisting.

This rotating cushion has been designed to assist the individual in getting in, and can be left in place to provide comfort for the individual user whilst maintaining their dignity. The underside is covered in anti-slip material for as added safety, and the top is cushioned for comfort.  It provides a turning circle of 30 degrees with an effortless transfer for the individual.


Encourage the individual to use the turntable independently
Ensure the individual is able to sit unaided when using the equipment
Ensure the turntable is in good working condition before using
Do not use the turntable if the individual is unable to sit upright unaided
Do not use the turntable if the individual cannot stand
Do not use the turntable if it has any defects
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