Glide Sheets

Glide Sheets are designed to minimise friction and sheering to an individuals skin and reduces the amount of pushing and pulling, which reduces the risk to all parties.

The glide sheets are made from a very low friction material and are an aid for sliding, transferring and repositioning.

Placed underneath an individual they enable an independent or assisted sliding movement in one or more directions across a level surface.

There are various types of glide sheets that can be accessed to support an individual.

Prior to glide sheets being introduced an assessment will be carried out by the appropriate person who will identify which glide sheets will be suitable as weight, height and health condition have to be taken into consideration. 

(see Techniques page for glide sheets techniques)


Do’s and Don’ts

Ensure the glide sheets are free from defects before using
Read the handling plan and ensure it is current and relevant
Ensure the safety and comfort of the person at all times
If using the glide sheets on a bed with brakes ensure these are applied
Do not use if any defects on the glide sheets
Do not use if not trained to do so
Do not use if no handling plan has been carried out
When laundering do not use fabric softener (this reduces the effectiveness of the glide sheet)
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