ARJO Sara Stedy

The Stedy is a mobility promoting aid that encourages more mobile clients to independently stand up.

It offers a more suitable and dignified alternative to a wheelchair for more mobile clients.

It enables good reassurance eye contact between clients and carer unlike a wheelchair.

It can be used to transport clients to the toilet, shower and wash hand basin, and also supports a wide range of daily activities.


Do’s and Don’ts

Ensure the equipment works and is free observable defects before starting
Read the Handling Plan and ensure it is current and relevant
Ensure the person is able to pull themselves up independently
Apply brakes when person is pulling themselves up from seated position or lowering themselves down to seated position
Ensure people keep their hands on bar at all times
Apply brakes when steady is not in use
Do not leave people unattended in the steady
Do not use if person is unable to pull themselves up or lower themselves down
Do not transport people without the seat pads positioned
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