Overhead Track Ceiling Hoists

An overhead track ceiling hoist allows a person held in a sling to be moved and lifted safely either from one place within a room or anywhere in a room. This type of system requires less space and supports care givers in their role. At times only one care giver may be required where assessed as safe to do so. There are many considerations needed for this type of solution including the need for a structural survey.

Examples of overhead track ceiling hoists include:

Invacare: https://www.invacare.co.uk/safe-patient-handling/lifters-hoists-and-slings/invacare-robin-ec-track-patient-lifter

ARJO:  https://www.arjo.com/int/products/patient-handling/ceiling-lifts/maxi-sky-2/

Liko: http://www.hill-rom.co.uk/ie/Products/Products-by-Category/patient-handling/overhead-patient-lifts/likorall-242-es-overhead-lift/

There may also be the option of installing a portable over head tracking system. This is known as a Gantry hoist.

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